Medina has some of the most luxurious offerings you can find in the country.

Welcome to Medina

Magnificent houses in the countryside for those who regard land as the ultimate luxury.
Approximately 6,000 people live in the exceptional hamlet of Medina, Minn. It is home to expansive ranches, equestrian holdings, luxury suburban design complexes, and humble small-town residences and farms.
Incorporated in 1974, Medina was primarily attractive due to its proximity to the metro, extensive open grounds, and privacy assurance. Today, the city attracts wealthy individuals who want to escape the city and explore nature.
As one of the best places to live in Minnesota, Medina has some of the most luxurious offerings you can find in the country. Most of its inhabitants own their homes, and the dominant building style in the area is a mix of traditional and modern designs. There are plenty of parks and coffee shops, and the schools are highly rated.

What to Love

  • Equestrian heaven
  • Nature in abundance
  • Quiet roads
  • A superb sense of belonging

Local Lifestyle

The locals of Medina have a shared desire to maintain and improve their quality of life, which is reflected in how they do everything. Everyone commits to preserving the city’s valuable natural assets and open spaces. They do all this while respecting the area’s rural past and encouraging the development of secure and well-planned neighborhoods, recreational areas, and gathering spaces for residents.
Dining, Entertainment & Shopping
There are endless dining options in the neighborhoods that surround Medina. This includes top-tier fast-food joints, lux family restaurants, and other upscale dining establishments. The top picks in the vicinity include Birch’s on the Lake in Long Lake, which offers two distinct eating experiences, and Peg’s Countryside Café next to Hamel.
OAK Eatery is another favorite for locals and visitors alike. The restaurant’s delectable eating experience is enhanced by its pleasant service and use of fresh ingredients each day. You should also check out Hometowne Pizza, known for its top-tier gourmet pizza. 
For shopping, popular stores in the neighborhood include Urban Market, Curated Boutique, and Mama’s Happy

Things to Do

The 63-mile limestone Luce Line State Trail should satisfy your expectations if you enjoy strolling, hiking, cycling, horse riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skating. In contrast, the 13-mile Dakota Rail Trail is asphalt, mainly flat, offers breathtaking lake vistas, and is ideal for rollerblading or taking the family dog for a walk.
Wolsfeld Woods is a magnificent hardwood tree forest with rolling hills. Explore this woodland in late April, when it is ablaze with vibrant blossoms. You could also check out the 27,000-acre Baker Park Reserve, a unit of the Three Rivers Park District. It hugs the shoreline of Lake Independence and provides picnicking, cross-country skiing, and golfing opportunities. Besides, Baker Campground offers over 200 campgrounds, ranging from basic to campground cottages; you can explore it whenever you wish from April 25 to October 19.
You should also check out the Medina Golf & Country Club, a prestigious golf course with trophy greens and challenging holes — some of the best golf in Minnesota. Also, the large Medina Entertainment Center hosts performances and other entertainment options, private event spaces, a 12-lane bowling alley, and on-site dining and drinking.
Learn what it takes to save farm animals and how Spring Farm Sanctuary, a special rescue group, plays its bit. You get hands-on experience with animals and discover more about their tales with weekly, hour-long excursions on Saturdays and other special activities all year round.
Medina also allows you to watch big-name performers at the Medina Entertainment Center, which City Pages named the Best Place to See Throwback Acts. The concerts are just as popular with concertgoers as they were three decades ago when it was the Medina Ballroom. This renovated center now contains a restaurant, banquet space, a bowling alley, and a hotel nearby.


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