Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Anne's career transformation from an aspiring physical therapist to an indispensable asset at the Connaker Group is a striking example of her extraordinary adaptability and professional evolution. Her invaluable expertise, honed through managing property transactions in the banking realm and forging impactful collaborations with REALTORS®, has been a cornerstone in elevating the Connaker Group's operational success.

At the Connaker Group, Anne is a dynamo, zealously enhancing client interactions and seamlessly optimizing transactional workflows. Her adeptness in social media management, especially in crafting compelling real estate content, injects a creative and strategic edge into the Connaker Group's marketing endeavors. She consistently places client satisfaction and efficiency at the forefront, embodying both the spirit of innovation and a deep-seated commitment to advancing the Connaker Group in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Away from her professional pursuits, Anne cherishes moments with her son, Noah, and enjoys the warmth of family and friends. In her rare moments of leisure, she can be found indulging in her passion for singing or honing her YouTube influential prowess.  


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